Top 6 Things You Should Never Forget When You’re Viewing a Property

Finding the perfect home is not an easy task. For sure, you will end up viewing a lot of properties until you can see the home that will mesmerize you. You should not be fooled by what can be seen easily. You should be cautious and observant when you are viewing a property for a possible purchase. Let me give you the top things you should never forget when you are viewing a property.

  1. Damp


Be observant when you are viewing a property. If you smell something like molds and there are signs of watermark on the ceiling, it is a cue that the house has damp.

  1. Structure of the house

You should not just observe if the place looks good. Check out cracks on the walls. Most of the time people tend to overlook the wall joints where the big cracks are.

  1. Extra Space

Don’t be smitten by what you can easily see, check if there are storage areas inside the house. It is necessary that you will have a place to keep your cleaning things and other stuff.

  1. Location of the house


I’d recommend a compass but if you’re too shy just download a compass application on your phone. The purpose of this is to make sure that during the season change, your house will not look like a cave because it’s too dark.

  1. Room size

Take your family into consideration. Check the rooms carefully and think if the rooms are large enough for the needs of your family.

  1. Playing hide and seek

According to Don Halbert of The Real Estate SEO , it is true that sellers always do a make-over for their homes before a viewing.

There are times though that they just conceal the defects. Beware of the smell of new paint. Check if big mirrors are placed on the wall or big furniture that is trying to hide something.

Don’t be fooled by what the sellers are showing you. Make sure you inspect every part of the house. It will be helpful if you will make a checklist so you won’t miss anything. Bring a pen and write the things you’ve noticed if you’re planning to view another property.